Differences Between Western and Chinese Restaurants

Every Cuisine has its own beauty and the food is served according to particular rules and regulations of that cuisine. The Chinese restaurant is present in almost every country and people really enjoy the food served there because of the taste and different atmosphere.

However, Western food is also a famous genre in the eating category and people live to eat it. But when both of these cuisines are seen on a comprehensive look, they have a lot of differences. Some people love eating and notice these differences on the keen level. Few obvious differences observed in the food of both these cuisines are as follows.


It is the cultural aspect of Chinese food that it is consumed communally. People like to share their food and this is the message of their community being spread to the whole world. Even the dishes are shared among people so the servings are also done in the same way. However, in the western community, people enjoy individual meals. This can be observed in the serving style. In western restaurants, the deals are available on an individual level and most of the food is also served for single individuals such as burgers and other things like that.

Cutting of food:

Cutting of food

During serving, the Chinese food is cut into small pieces that can be easily fitted in a single bite. There is no need to cut it through knives. Just chopsticks are used to pick up the food and people enjoy it really well. Conversely, in the western world, the trend is to cook food as a whole. The full fish is served in a single serving. Even the meat is served with complete bones or in boneless form but the serving is always made in a large form so that the person has to use knives as well as forks.

Use of vegetables:

chinese food

It is the part of Chinese culture and restaurants that vegetables are must in the food. In every dish they may be added in a different style such as stewing, steaming, frying or boiling, but their addition is a must. Even soy sauce, garlic, and ginger are added to the veggies to make them look presentable and delicious. However, in the salads of western restaurants, the veggies are boiled in water and then served. There is no concept of boiling vegetables in water in a Chinese restaurant. People enjoy the flavor in their food and that is added in a mild form through different sausages.

Number of ingredients:

Number of ingredients

The ingredients used in every cuisine are different. The number of ingredients used in the Chinese food is much more than the western food. Some of the different things include yams, winter melon, lotus pod, dogs, feet, frogs, ears, Tree fungi, tongues, and all other forms of internal organs. This large variety of ingredients is not used in the western food and they restrict their meals to some of the limited ingredients.

Use of spices:


The use of spices and the form in which they are added to the food is different in both restaurants. Chinese like to add the spices when they are fresh. However, the processed form of spices is used in the western food. They do not have all the spices and fresh form, so the packed form of processed spices is purchased from the stores and then added to the food. Some of these spices include chilies, spring onion, ginger, garlic, mint and much more. These things are processed in the western world to make them in the form of ketchup and pepper powder etc.

Seasoning bottles:

Seasoning bottles

The seasoning bottles such as tomato sauce, pepper, salt, and mustard are not available in most of the Chinese restaurants. All the food is served in the final form and nothing is added afterward. However, in the western cuisine, the use of these seasoning is common western restaurants. Whenever a person visits any bun shop or form dumplings, the presence of bottles of vinegar and soy sauce is a must of the table.



There are some of the special desserts in the western cuisine; those dishes are served after the meal. In a Chinese restaurant, dessert is in the form of fresh fruits and tea. They promote healthy eating so this kind of sweet dish is liked among them.

Table style:

chinese Table style

It is a common thing that Chinese restaurant  have the tradition of serving on the round table especially in the family gatherings. This is done because sharing becomes easy and people enjoy this way of serving. This roundness is the symbol of unity in the Chinese world. In western restaurants, the tables are mostly in the form of square shape or rectangle. This is the best style for the individual servings. A large number of people can be accommodated in this form and bigger groups enjoy their meals.