How to Eat Healthy in Various Kinds of Chinese Buffet Food List?

Chinese buffets are being loved by the people all over the world. Chinese buffet food list isn’t short one and obviously, that food list includes the healthy food dishes as well as the unhealthy ones. If you want to have an amazing time eating the healthiest food at the Chinese buffet, you need to make a plan and stick to it, for sure. This is the only way you can eat healthy food from a large food list at a Chinese buffet.

As a matter of fact, you don’t have to be in China, if you want to eat Chinese food or Chinese buffet for the reason that no matter where you are, you will always find Chinese restaurant near you. When we talk about the road food, the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is Chinese buffet, which is the healthiest choice as well amongst all available options.

Kinds of Chinese buffets and Chinese buffet food list:

As a matter of fact, the food list of the Chinese buffet varies according to its type. Before moving further, you must know the types of Chinese buffets to make an informed choice. Three kinds come to our mind when we talk about the main kinds of Chinese buffets. The food lists of these buffets also vary accordingly, as mentioned earlier.

  • The first kind is the small scale buffet which is exactly as it sounds i.e. small. It merely consists of a food list of 8 to 10 items but all those 10 are really amazing as the selection of food list in the small scale Chinese buffet is really astonishing. In small scale Chinese buffet, you sacrifice for quantity but what you gain is high-quality You are given the soup, rice, and a few chicken or pork dishes to eat in this kind of buffet but you may miss a few dishes you desire to eat.
  • The next kind is regular scale buffet, which is also known as a medium Most restaurants make you available this kind of buffet, which has about 3 to 4 stations and has about 35 to 40 items. In this kind of buffet, you will find everything you want to have, for instance, soup, rice, noodles, pork dishes, chicken dishes, egg rolls, dumplings, etc.
  • The last but not the least kind of Chinese buffet is a super It is also known as mother of buffets. When you choose this kind of buffets, there you are given a very big Chinese buffet food list to eat your desired food from. When you step in the restaurant for the super Chinese buffet, you will feel like WOW, when you look at the food items presented there for you for the reason that this kind of buffets proffers you more than 50 items at a time with 4 to 5 stations.

Most common food items in Chinese buffets:

Most common food

Here is the list of most common food items that you will find in Chinese buffets, no matter where you are:

  1. Basic fried rice & chicken fried rice
  2. Crab rangon
  3. Egg rolls
  4. Hot and sour soup
  5. Sour and sweet sauce
  6. Sweet and sour pork
  7. Orange chicken
  8. Chicken Chow mein
  9. Egg drop soup
  10. Sesame chicken
  11. Peking duck
  12. Wonton soup
  13. Potstickers
  14. General Tso’s chicken
  15. Kung pao chicken
  16. Beef with Broccoli
  17. Fun fusion fondue
  18. Lettuce wraps
  19. Sour and sweet chicken with lemon
  20. Steamed Bun Dough
  21. Fortune cookies
  22. Mango pudding

Various ways to eat healthy at a Chinese buffet:

healthy at a Chinese buffet

Now you know that Chinese buffet food list isn’t short one as it makes you available lots of dishes, especially if you choose the regular or super buffet. This vast list of food items may include healthy as well as unhealthy options, for sure. If you are planning for Chinese buffet, you need to know the various ways to eat healthy there.

When we choose buffets for ourselves, we need to make a plan before going to the restaurant. The first and foremost thing is to take is nothing but soup. Yes, you are highly recommended to take a start with Chinese soup, no matter what kind of buffet you choose for yourself. The next thing to choose is sushi. The reason for choosing the sushi is that is packed with vitamins and is low in calories as well.

The next thing you need to do is have a look at all buffet dishes and choose those you love the most. In this regard, you need to bear in mind one thing that you have to avoid those dishes which are prepared with frying or battering. Whole wheat noodles and brown rice must be your preferred choice in this scenario but be reasonable with the quantity. Also, you are suggested not to eat the fried foods for the reason that it could be proved an unhealthy choice for you to eat with the other food items, due to the presence of lots of calories and fats.

Lastly, you are recommended to treat you with dessert. Prefer the fruits, if available. Don’t forget to taste an almond cookie at the end. At the buffets, you are given a vast Chinese buffet food list variety and in this regard, your main agenda must be to be reasonable with the quantity of food. Be a smart person while being at buffets, especially the Chinese buffets.

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