A Guide to Chinese Egg Noodles Dishes

There are a lot of Chinese egg noodles dishes who believe that every meal should have a right and equal division between starches, fruits, vegetables, and grains, so one important grain that they depend on to provide them this harmony in the daily diet is the noodles. There are millions of people who slurp, gulp, twist the noodles on their forks and this is why they love them a lot. It is also a fact and worth seeing that in every culture, you will see some specific dishes in which noodles especially egg noodles are used.

We can take the examples here such as the German Spaetzle, which is made with some homemade egg noodles and the Kreplachs which is a famous Jewish dish and it is noodles pastries that are filled with beef or chicken along with some special spices. In this article, we are giving you an introduction about egg noodles and some of the tasty egg noodles dishes.

The Devoted Culture of China for Egg Noodles

The culture of China is very diverse and Chinese are more devoted towards egg noodles dishes and many other types of noodles as well. It is a disputed matter that who mixed the flour with water and made the noodles. It is also believed that Arabs are the first one to use dried pasta in their dishes. They just use the dishes made with dried pasta to give meaning to their dining experience across the desert. But we can not ignore the fact that Chinese are eating egg noodles dishes from the last 2000 years when there was the dynasty of Han. But it is also believed that Italians were the first one to use pasta when Marco Polo went back to home with his bag full exotic and foreign dishes and in them, the Noodles was also included.

The Italian Egg Noodles

Like many kinds of Italian pasta, the Asian egg noodles are also present in many sizes and width. This Asian Pasta is thick like a coffee stir and they can be thin like a toothpick. The best way to serve them is to keep them in their full length and don’t cut them. The amazing reason behind it is that Chinese believe that these long Noodles represent their long life. The best occasions to serve egg noodles dishes are at birthdays, and sometimes the freshly made noodles are also placed at gravesides.

The Wheat Noodles with Eggs

The most important noodles are wheat noodles and you can make them with eggs and without them as well. These noodles are enjoyed in all parts of China when they are made with eggs. The origin of these noodles is the north China because the Wheat is the staple crop in this region. The egg noodles with wheat can be white and yellow in color and they can be made thick like spaghetti and some Chinese cook them stiff and also elastic.

The Art of Making Egg Noodles

Making egg noodles dishes is considered as an art in China and Chinese are expert in making them. They are made them by pulling the mixture with hand and they hold and stretch it and whirl them many times. Then they fold and unfold it many times and place them on a board. So the past is transformed in thin and long noodles and it is also a very famous street food in China.  When you visit China then you will experience watching many vendors who are busy making hand-pulled noodles. They are also made with machine today.

Some Delicious Egg Noodles Recipes 


To make the delicious egg noodles you need 2 1/ 2cup of all-purpose flour, a pinch of salt, two beaten eggs, ½ cup of milk.


To take a start, you need a bowl and you have to mix the salt and the flout together. Now add the beaten eggs and stir them continuously. You have to knead the better until it is smooth enough and you must keep on kneading for 5 minutes. Cover the dough and rest it for about half an hour. Then you have to roll out the dough on the floured surface and cut it in 1/8 inches. You can change the thickness and length as per your desire. Allow the air dry before you are going to cook them. Cook fresh pasta in a salted water until it is soft. You can add vegetable or chicken to it.

Egg Noodles with Fried Cabbage

To make this you have to get a pot filed it water to boil the egg noodles. Cook them until they are tender and drain the water. Melt some butter in a pan and add cabbage, salt, and pepper and stir-fry all the ingredients. Cook cabbage for 7 minutes till brown and add noodles in the fried cabbage. Mix egg noodles dishes them well and add soy sauce and chili sauce as desired.

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