Some Interesting Facts About Chinese Buffet

If a person is planning to have a trip to China, he must look keenly into Chinese Buffet near me because that will really help in getting something worthy to eat.There are different eating customs being followed in different countries.

Almost every individual has visited a Chinese restaurant and enjoy the food there, but the things are really different in actual china. The food is not served in the way they are presented in the foreign countries. The local customs are really different.   Some of the basic facts that must be known to people about the Chinese buffet are as follows.

Chop sticks:

Chop sticks

This is a common difference known by most of the people. Chinese mostly use a chopstick to have food because it goes with their staple food and it is convenient for them. Other than this, the people of every area have their own comfort level. Just like western people are good with eating their food with forks and knives, Chinese like it with chopsticks. If a person wants to visit China, he should learn using chopsticks at least to the basic level so that it will help him in future.

Staple food:

Staple food

The staple food of China varies in some regions. In the north area, wheat noodles are used as staple food, however, in the south region, rice is commonly used by people as staple food. Even in the south part of China, the noodles served are also rice noodles which mean they are made of rice floor.

 Serving of rice:

Serving of rice

Rice is a must part of the food in China and it is served along with the dishes. In the form of small bowls and dishes, there is boiled rice being covered with vegetables and meat on top of it. The large bowl or plate is presented in the middle of the table as a large serving. There is no single plate for every individual but they have a strong concept of sharing food. This is different from other cuisines where everyone has a separate plate for eating.

Regional cuisines:

It is not like every part of Chinese Buffet near me has same cuisine and taste. There are multiple cuisines depending on the regions. The different types of cuisines are sour, spicy, hearty and sweet etc. The Chinese cuisines have multiple variations depending on the area and preference of people.

Sitting arrangement in restaurants:

Sitting arrangement

There are round tables commonly used and the people sitting on each table are four. This is easy to use because every dish can be reached without any problem. This also makes it easy to face each other and the message presented in the community of China is presented through collectiveness.

Ingredients in Chinese food:

Ingredients in Chinese

There are different ingredients used in the Chinese food that is shocking for most of the foreigners. Some of the people may not be ready to eat the food being served there. The common foods presented in dishes include dog meat, pigs, ears, chicken feet, frogs, intestine and other such things not liked by people mostly. All the internal organs of the animals are used in their food and they also enjoy these things.

Noisy eating habits:

Noisy eating

Unlike all the other restaurants, the Chinese restaurants are not the calm and quiet place to sit. They are pretty noisy as well as smoky because people enjoy the way they like. The volume of people is not controlled because they like it in a free way. In most of the areas, bans are placed for smoking in the public areas but this is not implemented properly. Especially the restaurants are really noisy.



The concept of tips is common worldwide but these tips are not accepted in Chinese Buffet near me restaurants. Other than this, the service fee is already included in the bill presented at the end. The waiters do not accept any kind of tip. Food prices are set and the specific fee is included to compensate for the fees.

Serving food to others:

Serving food

Chinese people are really warm and show closeness with every gesture. They have a common habit of putting food on the plates of their guest and this is not considered awkward. This is the common practice in family meals in other cultures also but in Chinese, this is commonly used in restaurants and with the guests.

Methodology of cooking:


There are a lot of cooking methods used in Chinese culture. In other cultures, the baking, roasting, frying, and boiling are common practices. But, in Chinese culture the additional methods include stewing, braising, steaming, quick frying, sauteing and other such techniques. The oil used in frying the food is normally of peanut or animals.

All these things are practiced in Chinese Buffet near me and a person must be familiar with these rules and customs while visiting a Chinese restaurant.

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