Top 10 Tantalizing Chinese Noodle Dishes for Avid Food Lovers

Every country cuisine has one specific scrumptious dish that outshines all other dishes. In Chinese cuisine, noodles are apex dish that depicts the ultimate distinct Chinese taste. Picking the perfect noodle out of tons of Chinese noodles is always going to be hard for avid food lovers. Let’s embrace on a journey to the Chinese noodle world to explore the mouthwatering Chinese noodles dishes.

Chinese noodle dishes have different taste and it mostly depends on the geographic location where different ingredients and flavors combine together to provide a unique noodle. Such as noodles from the eastern China have the inclusion of meat and sea food etc while in western China usage of vegetable is prominent.

The manner of preparation is the main factor that adds value to each Chinese noodle dishes. The centuries-old tradition of preparation has been passed on to generations. Experimentation with new ingredients is also on the rise.

In this article top, 10 Chinese noodle dishes are going to be shared with readers.  Get ready to spice up the taste buds.

  1. Beef Chow Fun: A Cantonese dish which includes juicy fry beef, bean sprouts, and rice noodles. The origin of Beef Chow Fun is Guangdong, Hong Kong. The noodle is mostly available at Yum Cha restaurants in Guangdong.

The preparations require special attention. Noodles are created on high flame and constant stirring quickly is required. The dish requires some super cooking skills.

  1. Shanghai Fried Noodles: A very common noodle mostly available in food markets in China. The noodles are made according to Shanghai style noodles. Noodles include bok choy, onions, and beef pieces or cutlets. In Shanghai region, it is served mainly at dumpling houses. It is a perfect light meal.
  1. Mee Pok: Yellowish flat egg noodles from the Teochew origin. Thickness and width of Mee Pok vary according to the country. Mee Pok has different variants but mostly two common variants are fish ball and minced meat Mee Pok.

The sauce in which noodles are dipped and prepared gives the main flavor. If you are heading to Singapore try Mee Pok at hawker centers and coffee shops along with other Chinese noodles dishes.

  1. Liangpi: In English Liangpi means “cold skin noodles”. The main components are wheat and rice flour. The dish comes from Shannxi province of China near Xian. Liangpi is considered as very popular snack in the northwestern region. Liangpi comes in three main types Majiang, Shan Xin Gan Mianpi, and Hanzhong.
  1. Dandan: A noodle dish with chili oil sauce, pork, and scallions. The dish originates from Sichuan cuisine. Some people replace the spicy sauce with peanut butter or sesame paste. The taste of this noodle dish is slightly sweeter in America.

The noodle dish is quite easy to make as compared to above-mentioned noodles. Some ingredients can be difficult to find in order to prepare authentic Dandan.

  1. Spicy Sichuan: A Chinese spiced egg noodles that includes chicken and shrimp dipped in a spicy sauce. The spicy chili oil adds the final flavor. First chicken is marinated in a soy sauce and then fried with shrimp and vegetables mainly garlic. Stir-fried noodles are dipped in spicy sauce and served. Minced fried pork can be an exciting topping for spicy Sichuan.
  1. Shrimp Lo Mein: A noodle dish with a perfect mixture of vegetables and shrimp. Egg noodles are dipped in salt and hot soy sesame chili sauce. It only takes 30 minutes to prepare. Noodle lovers can customize the taste in Shrimp Lo Mein with the addition of other vegetables and ingredients.
  1. Zhaijianmian: Zhaijianmian in English means “fried sauce noodles”. Many countries in East Asia serve this dish with multiple different ingredients. Primarily these are thick noodles dipped in Zhaijianmian sauce.

The sauce is made up of salty soy bean sauce with stir-fried beef or pork. The main sauce differs for these noodles from place to place. This noodle also has vegetarian variant.

  1. Lanzhou Beef Lamian: A quite popular noodle in China originating from Lanzhou. It is known as beef noodle or simply Lamian. Main ingredients are clear broth, herbs, salt, and beef. Lamb is often offered as an alternative to beef.

Beef is stewed in clear broth adding an exciting flavor to the overall noodle. Also, people call this noodle as hand pulled stewed beef noodles.

  1. Chow Mein: The number one place is secured by the most popular Chinese noodle Chow Mein. Stir-fried noodles with chicken and mixture of multiple vegetables simmered and dipped in a spicy oyster sauce. Chow mein is not only popular in China but has made the name in the other countries as well.

Chow mein has two main variants steamed and crispy Chow mein. The Chow mein taste and style of preparation differs from cuisine to cuisine. Chow mein is a must try to relinquish taste buds to experience aromatic steamy crispy taste of Chinese noodle dishes.

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