Top 8 traditional Chinese food all over the world

Are you curious to know about the traditional Chinese food and their values? If you have chinese buffet option around you then probably you will enjoy the traditional food. There are top 8 traditional dishes.


1, Fried Mashi (chǎo má shi)

Anywhere in the world, you may find the Fried Mashi as it is a famous traditional Chinese dish. It’s a combination of noodles and rice. However, it’s taste and looks is entirely different from other. The Mashi is quite hearty and hot, but it includes sweet, in which soft thickness are the reason for delicious food. Additionally, crunchy vegetables are also included.


2,  BBQ Meat (kǎo ròu)

It’s like a massive way of serving meat in a BBQ style. Meanwhile, (kǎo ròu) is a well-know traditional Chinese dish throughout the world. It’s a massive spicy taste which comes with the taste of burning coals. Often, there are many variations of these BBQ sticks. Also, you may find the BBQ sticks in chicken. Lamb and beef. Definitely, your mouth is full of water when you taste this traditional food.


  1. Spinach Noodles (bō cài miàn)

The central China Xian is famous by the noodles name, and every visitor says that this city is specifically designed for noodles lover. It’s like noodles from scratch means self-respecting noodle city. The noodles serve with a specifying source like spicy tomato, and the making of these noodles include vegetables, eggs, beef and chili.


4, Cold Vegetable Dish (liáng cài)

Literally, the meaning of (liáng cài) is a cold dish. It’s an assortment of different vegetables, peanuts, and tofu, which is served with sauce or marinade. Usually, a suspicion of cucumbers, lotus root, green beans, and cabbage is included as a brilliant assortment.


 5, Stinky Tofu (chòu dòu fu)

This traditional dish is famous for their worse smell or looks. Its aroma is different from its look. It comes with the package of perfect taste. Must try stinky tofu as it is the culprit with a thick haze of stench. Actually, it’s a right seasoning aspect, which is not a bad option.


6, Chinese Hamburger (ròu jiā mó)

Maybe you have tried many hamburgers, but you can’t tasted before the traditional Chinese food recipe named as Chinese hamburger. It’s a kind of western hamburger in which juicy pork is served. Try this hamburger because it is a full fact of a tasty treat. The important point is it is cooked overnight in a large pot.


7,  Sweet and Sour Eggplant (yú xīang qié zi)

If you have never tried before the egg planet then probably this dish is entirely applicable to you. You can enjoy eggplant with sweet and sour taste. It includes fish sauce or chili source that enhance the value of traditional Chinese food near me.


8, Dumplings (jiǎo zi)

Today, the most well known Chinese food tradition aspects is a dumpling. It’s a classic dish included pork, beef or chicken. Meanwhile, it is a complete package of taste and smell. The dumpling is cooked at the time of some occasion like new year eve or any traditional event. It is served with black vinegar sauce in which sweet, unique bitter and spicy flavor included.